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re: nuking BGA

You probably need to decrease the amount of phosphate
in your tank.  When I had BGA I found my phosphate
levels were too high (>0.2 ppm).  I lowered the PO4
levels by doing water changes and dosing KNO3 and
K2SO4.  I kept the NO3 levels at 5-10 ppm.  See the
following link to Chuck's site for good info on
nutrient balance to control algae growth

After 1 month of this the BGA stopped growing but it
would not go away, so I did a 1 week treatment with
erythromycin.  The BGA has not returned since (that
was 6 months ago).  Once you figure out the proper
nutrient balance for your tank growing aquatic plants
will be fun instead of painful.

Hang in there it gets better,

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