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Re: Nuking BGA

> From: forbem at optonline_net
> Subject: nuking BGA
>     I use the alkaline buffer to raise the KH of the water

	Do we even know what the "alkaline buffer" is?  I think
there were suspicions that it might be a salt (probably sodium) of
an amino acid, but there was never any confirmation of that.
In any case, if it is not bicarbonate (and it probably isn't), then
it won't raise the KH, it will just make measuring the KH impossible.

> but since 
> this raises PH I use the acid buffer to lower the PH back down to 
> 6.8.I know their are other ways to raise KH but I thought alkaline 
> buffer was a safe way to do so. I know my tapwater on Long Island 
> is pretty good(I got reports from the water company) but I am using 
> RO water because I wanted to present my fish with the best 
> posssible enviroment possible.

	Putting in all sorts of unknown stuff is not the way to do that!
Sticking to basic methods works just fine and won't cost a lot either.
If you _must_ start with RO water, and I doubt very much that it is
necessary, use CaCO3 for GH and KH, or NaHCO3 for just KH. 

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada