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Re: 5lb. CO2: How long should it last?

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Subject: 5lb. CO2: How long should it last? 
From: "Peter Carrroll" <factorybaymarina at worldnet_att.net> 
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 16:26:10 -0500 
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I have a dual gauge single stage regulator bubbling CO2 into a sintered
glass diffuser.  I have the flow turned down to 6-8 bubbles per minute into
a 20 gallon tank running at about 10-12lbs of pressure through a metering
valve (marine monsters).

My question is this, How long should a 5 lb tank last.  My don't seen to
last more than about 3 months, although I have tested for leaks by spraying
the set-up with soapy water.  I suppose the expense is  not killing me, and
the tank is doing fantastically well, but the consumption seems excessive.


In sunny

Assuming you do not have any leaks as you say in the above post, another 
factor could be the amount of gas you are receiving in your refills. One gas 
supplier I was going to use because they were close to my home told me they 
don't fill their cylinders past 600-700 psi because of the possiblility of 
rupture. This seemed low to me because most of the full tanks I have used 
average 900 psi initially according to my regulators. I can't tell you what 
200-300 psi pressure difference equates to in gas weight, but I'd think it 
was a significant percentage difference in the amount of gas. I would think a 
20# tank with initial pressure of 600-700 psi wouldn't last nearly as long as 
a tank with 900psi initial pressure.