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Internode Length on Feathery Plants

I'd like to discuss some factors that will make
Myriophylum, Limnophila, and Cabomba grow really leggy
with long internodes.  

I'm thinking that really strong light is the most
important factor.  I will be getting PCFs tomorrow. 
In the past, I haven't been able to grow these plants
the way I want them to grow under regular flourescent
lights.  Just not strong enough?  I'll bet only PCFs
and metal halides can grow these plants compact.  

Species.  From what I looked up, only a few
Myriophylum species sold are even suitable for warmer
tanks.  turburculatum, mattogronse (sp?), and
aquaticum are supposed to be all right.  Are many of
the plants sold in stores the cooler water species? 
It's so hard to tell which is which.  

Temperature.  I understand that this makes a
difference too.  Does keeping the water a little
cooler help?

Anything else?  I would like to hear of people's

Thanks, Cavan.   

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