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nuking BGA

<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>Thank you for the advice Roger.I value the judgement of people who 
have been in the hobby for a long time and have experience in 
many aspects of plant keeping.I appreciate you responding 
because I did not think I would get a response because I know this 
subject has been beat to death on many occasions.

    I have done some research on the internet and I am not just 
asking for responses because I am too lazy to look things up but I 
wasn't comfortable with any information I found.

     I thought the BGA was from a nutrient imbalance because I was 
at one point adding too much iron fertilizer which was causing 
another algae problem but that has been corrected by 
good(lamotte) test kits.I am not sure of the exact reason why the 
BGA started but I thought this 'may' have been a reason.I have only 
been in this hobby for a year or so and I learn by mistakes 
occasionaly and by trying not to make them a second time.

     I do not want to use chemicals to kill BGA but I thought that 
would be the only way to kill it for good without ripping apart the 
whole tank. I was under the impression that even if the underlying 
causes have been solved that the BGA won't just dissapear on its 
own without killing it. I thought it just gets increasingly worse until 
it chokes off everything in the tank.

    I use the alkaline buffer to raise the KH of the water but since 
this raises PH I use the acid buffer to lower the PH back down to 
6.8.I know their are other ways to raise KH but I thought alkaline 
buffer was a safe way to do so. I know my tapwater on Long Island 
is pretty good(I got reports from the water company) but I am using 
RO water because I wanted to present my fish with the best 
posssible enviroment possible.

   I am not trying to make my tank unstable but I am frustrated with 
the BGA and at one point it got so bad that I thought it was going 
to kill off everything. it was getting increasingly worse on a daily 
basis and killing it was my only option because of the speed at 
which it spreads. Watching all my hard work and effort go rapidly 
down the tubes is a very unsettling sight to watch. I was very 
hesitant to use potassium permanganate but I felt it was my only 
option. I value the opinion of many on this list so if their are better 
methods to my madness I will gladly listen. I just want to rid my 
tank of BGA for good and get on with the growing plants part. I 
don't feel the BGA is going to go away without adding chemicals to 
kill it because manualy removing it will always leave slight traces 
behind which I feel will cause another explosion shortly down the