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New query on CO2 grade CO2?

I scroll thru the archive and learned quite a fair bits of what was
previously discussed on Ind. vs food grade CO2 filling.
Although most advise 'Food Grade' but one of the posting argue that it is
actually the refilling process other than the gas purity itself
differentiate the two grading. ('food grade' refill process need additional
bottle interior flushing/cleaning therefore more expansive.)
As I believe most of our cylinder setup for the hobby is not of the 'glass
coated' food grade cylinder interior anyway, so what's the real value of
using food grade ? Let's say the most common contaminants in a Ind. grade
CO2 gas could be : H2O, CO, SO2.
(1) H2O : Although H2O contaminant is bad for steel cylinder (and I guess
this is most of the hobbyists use), but I wonder any motivation for the gas
company to totally eliminate H2O contaminant in 'food grade' anyway.
(2) CO and SO2 : would these be easily oxidated in a well planted tank due
to high O2 content provided by the plant ? Will they then become CO2 and SO4
which are benefit to the plant anyway ?

Well, sorry that I may sound like wanting to justify for Ind. grade CO2 but
just want to hear out what your opinon on why the extra bucks should be

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