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Re: Substrate heating

Dear Bill

>I think this has been proven. It has been shown that terrestrial plants grow
>faster when there is a strong electrostatic field present. I have read about 
this being tried before, and the article was saying something about greater 
quantities of larger fruit etc. etc.......
>...... but electrostatic fields don't work in conductive mediums -- you end 
>with electromagnetic (EM) fields. Heating cables will provuce a small EM 
>but it would be below the plants rather than above with the other 

Rather than electrostatic energy, it seems to me that it would be 
electromagnetic energy that results in better growth - based on bits I've seen 
in alternative health areas, there are several therapies based around using 
magnets etc to heal bone fractures etc; Polarity therapy which aligns the 
body's energy fields, and Reiki or Theraputic touch, which also involve 
someone channelling this energy.

Now this may be way too off the wall for some of you, but I couldn't resist!

Susi Barber