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Re: Just a thought about CO2

As I read so many problems with CO2, I just can't understand why more
people haven't looked into "Carbo-Plus"!  I have been using this for
over 5 years now and there is NO trouble!  My plants are luxurious and
many known aquarists have seen my aquariums.  I'd like to hear from
others that have "Carbo-Plus" and their thoughts.  I really think that
they don't write because they are completely satisfied.

For those that do not know about "Carbo-Plus", it puts carbon in your
aquarium electronically and is relatively inexpensive as compared to
what I have been reading on APD. All that you have is a unit that goes
into your aquarium and a controller that lets you put as much or as
little carbon into your aquarium.  Plug it in, set your dial and that's

I have no association with the company that sells this product.

Merrill Cohen
Pikesville, Maryland