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Re: DIY CO2 Optimization Question

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Brett Agostini wrote:

> Still, I'll check your theory using your method.  If it turns out the 's
> aren't the issue (I honestly don't think they are), I'm still looking
> for diffusion ideas.

If the filter isn't causing turbulence then shutting off the filter isn't
going to reduce the turbulence.

> > Run your CO2 line to the powerhead
> > inlet (which will probably give you better results than running it to the
> > venturi inlet)
> Why would this give better results?  I thought the venturi inlet was specifically designed to
> diffuse gases (i.e. air) into the water.

Because the bubbles going through the pump impeller get blown into a
fairly fine mist.  For the 3 or 4 powerheads I've used the bubbles coming
through the venturi are much coarser than those coming through the
impeller.  Smaller bubbles means more gas-water contact surface giving
faster dissolution; smaller bubbles also rise more slowly, giving longer
contact time.

Some people report that their 2-liter pop-bottle CO2 generators
collapsed (spewing sugar solution into the tank) when they attached them
to the suction on the venturi.  If you're using pop-bottle reactors it is
important to avoid placing suction on the tube from the generator.  If you
bubble CO2 into the pump inlet then do it with the tube releasing the
bubbles below the inlet.  Don't jam the tube into the powerhead inlet.

If you keep the water surface calm and the CO2 bubbles from the power head
are dissolved before reaching the surface then probably your next recourse
should be to use another bottle.

Roger Miller