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Energy fields, off topic....

K9AUB at aol_com  wrote:

That's an interesting observation.  I've been a Ham Radio Operator since
1955, and have had a lot of towers and antennas in the ensuing years.  One
the fears you always have when you're operating a big tower is lightning
strikes.  The lower the resistance of the soil with the ground system, the
more elaborate the ground system, the less the risk of a disastrous
bolt being attracted to your antenna.  (You learn these things after the
first time you take a lightning strike and it scares the mulm out of you.)
Therefore, I have usually made sure the soil around the tower is kept moist
at all times, particularly during a dry spell.  In fact, there's an
indentation in the ground under my current antenna tower where I
allow the garden hose to trickle and saturate the soil.  Naturally, plants
around my antennas do tend to grow nicely, but I think it's because they get
special attention to watering.  I wonder if that might not explain the
phenomena rather than an RF field during periods of transmitting?

I reply, and off-topic at that:

One of the weirdest things I saw was when I was working on microwave radio
systems (6 and 12 GHz) in the Arizona mountains years ago. While working on
the radio, my co-worker called me outside and we saw a HUGH swarm of tiny
flying ants swarming in front of the dish. For grins, I powered down the
radio and the ants dispersed. 10 minutes later I turned it on again and
within 15 minutes, the swarm was back: Right in front of the dish again.

So the fields are pick up by some forms of lower life (albeit this was an
insect and not a plant story).

- Jeff (who for the first time realized that I have finally reached the age
in which it is appropriate to say, "years ago").