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Re: Mineral deposits on glass

> A strong acid like hydrochloric will work, but I don't know about
>  battery acid (sulfuric); sulfates are not very soluble.  A razor blade

I don't normally clean mineral deposits from inside aquariums while fish are 
still in the water.  However, I have used a diluted solution of Sulfuric Acid 
(H2SO4) to wipe off the encrusted minerals that build up from years of 
accumulation, and it works in minutes.  I usually carry the aquarium 
(provided it's a 10-20 gallon) to the bathtub.  I pour about 1/2 gallon of 
water in the aquarium and pour in a glug (I don't measure) of concentrated 
Sulfuric Acid.  Wearing rubber gloves, I dip a sponge that I keep just for 
this sort of work in the solution and wipe all along the accumulations of 
crud, inside and outside the tank, along the rim.  I leave it to soak for 
about 5 or 10 minutes, then come back.  The crud wipes right off like butter. 
 A few wipes of stubborn spots, and in 5 minutes the aquarium looks like 
brand new, all traces of mineral deposits gone.  Now, as for cleaning an 
occupied aquarium, I would be exceptionally careful not to do anything that 
might drip strong acid into the aquarium.  If the KH was low, even 1 or 2 ml 
of acid might cause a disastrous pH crash.  I use my method only with old, 
unoccupied aquariums that I wish to refurbish before putting them back in