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Wiring flourescent lights

Just thought I'd check with any resident electricians on the list.

I've just finally completed building a wooden canopy, and wired a compact 
flourescent with 2 x 55 bulbs in a hood. I decided to go with a hinged 
design, and wanted to wire a switch in to control an on/off on only the bulb 
that is on the hinged (front) panel. I thought it would be a nice touch, and 
keep from blinding myself momentarily when opening for feeding etc., while 
leaving the other light on.

I recall reading other's designs that had just such a switch, but I don't 
recall if it was cf kits or for standard flourescents (would there be a 
difference?). It appears that there is some current still going to the bulb 
as it is just barely glows, but I was told that it would damage both the 
ballast and the bulb fairly quickly to operate it in this way. For further 
clarification, this is wiring in a switch _after_ the ballast, to one socket 

What's the verdict on this? Anybody done it?

Also once it is wired for 55 watt bulbs, what is the problem with running 40 
watt bulbs on there? I was advised not to do this, as it could be a potential 
fire hazard, as well as cause damage to the bulbs and/or ballast. But, I have 
a Custom Sea Life Britelite which has 2 x 65 watt ballast, and a rep at the 
company had no problem advising me to replace the 65 watt 8800 k bulbs with 
55 watt, lower temp. bulbs. for a planted tank.

Thank you for any advice,