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Oxygenation vs. CO2 loss

On Thursday, 4 Jan. 2001,  "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com> had a
suggestion for someone having difficulty getting enough CO2 into the water.
He said: "Also turn off or readjust anything else you're running that might
aerate the water or cause surface turbulence."

This brings up a question I have about how to direct the discharge from the
output of my Fluval filter system: (1) above the water level, (2) at the
water level, or (3) below the water level. I have a 30-gallon tank with an
M3 CO2 system, which, through a so-called Mixer J, injects the CO2 into the
output from the filter and heater modules before discharging the return flow
into the tank.  Obviously, I want to provide whatever oxygen is required for
the fish, without wasting CO2.  I would describe my mix as a medium number
of plants and about 30 inches of slim-bodied fish.

I have read, somewhere, that (1) above, i.e. actively splashing water into
the tank causing bubbles below the surface is unnecessary and that just
rippling the surface, (2) above, will provide all the oxygenation the fish
need. But Roger Miller's advice appeared to suggest even that was
unnecessary and that (3) above would be best.  Of course, I couldn't tell
from the context of his answer whether he was considering a mix of fish and
plants or just a planted tank.

I've searched the APD archives (so far unsuccessfully) for a discussion of
the subject and would appreciate some advice.  Thanks.

An 'umble beginner,

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