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Re: DIY CO2 Optimization Question

> The Aquaclear filters cause a lot of surface agitation and effectively
> drive CO2 out of the water.  I think your best bet is to lose the AC500.

I've rigged up some DIY spraybars that very effectively eliminate turbulence from my AC's,  If
viewed from beneath, the surface is, visually at least, completely motionless.  My this I mean
that any air bubbles, oily patches, flake food, whatever, are completely still and

Still, I'll check your theory using your method.  If it turns out the AC's aren't the issue (I
honestly don't think they are), I'm still looking for diffusion ideas.

> Run your CO2 line to the powerhead
> inlet (which will probably give you better results than running it to the
> venturi inlet)

Why would this give better results?  I thought the venturi inlet was specifically designed to
diffuse gases (i.e. air) into the water.

Thanks so far.

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