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Re: Co2 question from a newbie

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It sounds to me like you will end up with a "wave" of CO2 levels.  They will be very high right after this stuff is added to the tank, then slowly taper off as it is either diffused into the air or used by the plants, and then spike back up when another bottle is added.  So, conceivably
those could be correct readings.

> Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 22:54:40 -0500
> From: "Tom Bates" <fish2r at ptd_net>
> Subject: Re: Co2 question from a newbie
> Catherine;
> I think I know what you are referring to. It is a liquid CO2 system. I know
> someone who tried this and has received confusing results. I would
> appreciate any opinions on exactly what is happening here.
> The package instructions say to insert one of the tubes into your aquarium
> and wait till the liquid solution becomes clear. When this happens remove it
> and wait two weeks before inserting the second tube. Repeat this procedure
> till all three tubes have been used. IE, each tube is good for a two week
> supply of CO2.
> After the first tube was removed, water parameters were tested to compute
> CO2 levels from the charts on The Krib. The Alkalinity was measured at 4 dKH
> and the pH was at 6.0. This translated to 118 ppm CO2 WOW!!!!!!!! and to top
> it off, all her fish are still alive. Her tap water parameters are 2 dKH and
> 6.6 pH (Proper pH 7.0 is also used in this tank).
> She also uses an Aqua Clear power filter that creates surface disturbance
> that should have outgassed much of these high levels but they remained
> constant.
> Does anyone know what is causing these levels? I can't imagine that the 118
> ppm is accurate, something must be corrupting the results.


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