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Re: Needle valves in CO2 systems poll

1)Describe your CO2 setup.
Dave G's setup minus the Eheim diffusor ( after using it for a few months), with a HydroLogix HCO 150E external reactor and 10 LB CO2 tank

 2)What valve do you use (company name, part number, etc.)?
 Aquarium Landscapes from Pet Warehouse 

3)How long have you been using this type of setup?
18 months, 2 months with the HydroLogix reactor
4)Have you experienced any problems with this setup?
Only problem was mainatinence on the Eheim diffuser -too much fussing..needed cleaning every other week -a real pain-as I like to have things in the tank as invisible as possible and it was well hidden in a stand of plants and I had to really disrupt everything to remove it each time.
also- the tubing connection snapped off it 2 weeks after installing...I epoxed it back together
ran the tank all the way down to zero on the gauge ( still had plenty of output) with no dump . Just needed to adjust the needle valve a little near the end. 

5)If you could change something(s) about your current setup, what would it
 not a thing..the HydroLogix reactor really makes the system maintainence free.
6)What cV flow rates do you use?
1  bubble/second

Bob Buettner
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