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Re: DIY CO2 Optimization Question

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Brett Agostini wrote:

> Methods I've tried include a bell diffuser, running tubing into a hole
> in base filter sponger (filter is AC500), and running tubing into
> venturi inlet of a small powerhead.  Some are marginally better than
> others, but none seem to get levels above 7-8 ppm, when I'd rather be
> seeing 15-20 ppm.


The Aquaclear filters cause a lot of surface agitation and effectively
drive CO2 out of the water.  I think your best bet is to lose the AC500.

If you're getting good CO2 production then you should be able to test the
effect of removing the Aquaclear.  Run your CO2 line to the powerhead
inlet (which will probably give you better results than running it to the
venturi inlet), orient the powerhead so that it doesn't cause any surface
turbulance and turn the Aquaclear filter off.  Also turn off or readjust
anything else you're running that might aerate the water or cause surface
turbulence.  You should get an increase in CO2 levels.  You might be able
to observe significant changes within a half hour, but let it run that way
for two or three hours to see how big the effect gets.

Of course, if your bottles aren't producing enough CO2 then you won't get
to 15-20 ppm anyway.

Roger Miller