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Re: Needle valves in CO2 systems poll

> 1)Describe your CO2 setup.

Dave's system. Replaced the diffuser with a DIY external reactor.
Started with a 5# cylinder and upgraded to a 20. Use it to feed a 125
gallon open top tank.

> 2)What valve do you use (company name, part number, etc.)?

Aquarium Landscapes. No markings. Infinitely adjustable including total
shut off. Also, rock solid when set, haven't touched it in quite a

> 3)How long have you been using this type of setup?

15/16 months total. Only 6 months with the needle valve

> 4)Have you experienced any problems with this setup?

Blew out the Eheim diffuser when my 1st 5# tank dumped. No needle valve
at that time. I don't fault the equipment for my ignorance.

> 5)If you could change something(s) about your current setup, what would it
> be?

Nothing, works like a charm so far. Haven't experienced an end of tank
situation yet with the current configuration. 

I'll be setting up another system for multiple tanks this year and I'm
planning on using another of Dave's units with M3's hex manifold. Anyone
using this manifold? Comments?

> 6)What cV flow rates do you use?

2-3 bubbles/second

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.