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DIY CO2 Optimization Question

Long time lurker, first time poster.  Just want to say keep up the good work and I'm a huge
fan of the show.

Anyway, I'm running DIY C02 in a moderately-to-heavily planted 90 gallon.  Setup is three
bottles, in sequence.  As you would expect in a tank this size, I'm having difficulty getting
my C02 levels up to where I'd like them.  I'm looking for ideas to optimize

Methods I've tried include a bell diffuser, running tubing into a hole in base filter sponger
(filter is AC500), and running tubing into venturi inlet of a small powerhead.  Some are
marginally better than others, but none seem to get levels above 7-8 ppm, when I'd rather be
seeing 15-20 ppm.

At this point, a "real" CO2 system is financially infeasible, so I'm looking for the "better
mousetrap" to get my current system diffused into the water column.  Thanks in Advance.

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