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Another administrative thing

In the last few days a number of people have subscribed from one address 
but want the APD sent to a different address.  No problems there but I 
want to remind everyone that email to the list is only accepted from your 
subscribed address.  The software doesn't care that that they're both 
your accounts, it wants the addresses to match - perfectly.  So please 
don't complain to me when you're subscribed from Joe Doofus 
<doofus at doofusmail_com>, sending email from Joe Doofus 
<yutz at yutzmail_com> and your emails aren't appearing in the digests.  

For those of you who think this is ridiculous, an imposition on your time 
and a violation of your right to post (HAH!) - this "limitation" is 
why the list isn't cluttered with the 7-a-day+ spam mails the APD