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Re: Needle valves in CO2 systems poll

Dang it, I finally had to chime in...

20lb CO2 tank. 
National Speciality Gases single-stage, dual gauge regulator.
Nupro "S" series needle valve. I don't know the part number, just 
has an "S" on the side. My boss at work gave it to me two years 
ago. It was part of a GC/MS used to control carrier gas flows. They 
didn't need it any more, so I told them I'd take it for my CO2 
system at home. Most thought I was growing pot with CO2 and 
found it hard to believe I'd be using it for my aquariums. The guy I 
bought the CO2 tank from gave me the same strange look. I 
assured them it was perfectly legal. Those silly non-aquarists, pot 
grows better outdoors! 

The high pressure naturally sits at ~900psi (when full ;-)). I keep 
the low pressure gauge at ~15psi. 1/8" copper tubing connects the 
output Swaglok fitting to the needle valve Swaglok fitting. The 
output needle valve fitting is simply connected to 3/8" tygon tubing 
via a hoseclamp. The CO2 in injected into my filter box at 1 
bubble/2 secs, or ~28-30 per minute. The needle valve in very 
sensitive, and by that I mean you can adjust to get about any 
number of bubbles you desire. If I close the valve, everything stops 
and stays that way, even with the 15psi input. About a quarter turn 
gives me my desired rate. I love this needle valve! You can increase 
or decrease bubble flow by a bubble or two a minute. I could bump 
it up to 32 bpm if I needed to, but 28 gives me 15-20ppm CO2. It's 
been running untouched for two years. (Well I do touch it 
sometimes, but I don't have to). The tank is still reading ~900psi 
after two years. I check it once a week. 

****I will NEVER, EVER go back to yeast CO2 bottles. I did my 
time and I love the freedom I have now! (plus all the extra sugar)****

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC