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Re: CO2 Poll

I am using Dave Gomberg's CO2 system as supplied out of the box,
following his instructions exactly. I have it on a twenty gallon CO2
tank, and have been using it for six months thus far on my 140 gal.
aquarium----I use no needle valve----and have had NO problems. The only
thing I am contemplating changing is to add what-ever Dave comes up with
to protect against this end of tank dump thing. In the meantime, I watch
the gauge -- just as Dave's instructions suggest--- I have been in this
hobby a long time, but this is the first time using hi - tech equipment,
including CO2 --- I know nothing about flow rates--I adjust the low
pressure side of the regulator to control the CO2 content, I presently
have it set at 10.25 lbs. and the P.H. is 6.9. I check the P.H. every
couple of days, and occasionally have to adjust that setting, but it is
not very often.
      I really like this system, and would recommend it to any novice
such as myself, who knows very little about CO2 systems--regulators--and
all the stuff that had me snowed when I first looked into it. Also --
the price is right !
                   Mandy in Tennessee