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Re: Needle valves in CO2 systems poll

Poll response:

 > 1)Describe your CO2 setup.

I have two identical systems: 10 lb tank, a single stage, dual gauge 
regulator, needle valve, Aqualine Buschke soleniod valve, Pinpoint Ph 
controller, silicone tubing w/ CO2 runs into the canister filter 
intake.  The filter "burps" a couple of times an hour.

 > 2)What valve do you use (company name, part number, etc.)?

Some gas flow valves I found in a surplus pile given to our lab.  I don't 
even see a name on them.  With an active pH control, the regulator and 
needle valve are relatively unimportant, IMHO.

 > 3)How long have you been using this type of setup?

2 years for 1 tank, and 1-1/2 yrs for the second

 > 4)Have you experienced any problems with this setup?

None. The controller keeps the pH at 6.9 +,- 0.05.

 > 5)If you could change something(s) about your current setup, what 
would > it be?

Nothing.  Seems to work great.  Expense is the only drawback.

 > 6)What cV flow rates do you use?

I've never measured it.  Maybe 2-3 bubbles per second?

Mark Gilmore
Los Angeles