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Re: To Undergravel Filter or Not?


Thanks for the thoughts.  I have George's site up right now.  I have a conference to go to
out in Fort Collins next fall so I hope to get together with him.  I looked at the Krib
but they only had one small paragraph on it and did not really do into much detail on it.
I searched through the APD archives but did not find a whole lot of stuff on it.

I was thinking about just capping mine off like you did.  I have a Fluval 404 in my 75g
tank so I don't think that I would need it for the biological filtration.  Have you
noticed a lot of roots getting tangled up in the UG plates?  My tank has been up and
running for about a month now and I am seeing lots of runners and shoots so I assume that
the roots are doing the same type of expansion. ability to use substrate fertilizers and

> <snippage>
> The limitations were the clincher for me.  When I decided to stop using my
> UGFs I just capped off the riser tubes near the substrate and left the UGF
> plate in place.  That way (I reasoned) if it didn't work out I could just
> reinstall the risers and start using the UGFs again.  Things worked out
> just fine.  Now when I need to rebuild a tank for whatever reason I take
> that opportunity to remove the UGF plate.  I still have unused UGF plates
> in four of my six planted tanks -- I guess I don't have much need to
> rebuild my setups.
> Roger Miller


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