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Re: Cables

> Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 09:57:11 -0500
> From: "Michael Clark" <mdc at ivc_com>
> Subject: Re: heating cable sources
> I have been following this thread with interest. I have never used a cable
> heating system, and I wonder: can substrate heating users here on the list
> say that they have noticed a definite improvement in plant growth/health
> over standard submersible heaters?

Are they worth the trouble? Not IMO. Do they help? A small amount, it would
be hard to really prove it though. I feel they do some. How much? Real hard
to say though. Can cost lots, another thing to plug in, some other wire
going into your tank and you can do a great tank without one. Frankly, I'm
surprised folks still sell them. Not much bang for the buck. If it gets warm
in the summer were you live and you don't have air conditioning they won't
work during this period since it will be above the set temp.
Claus brought up that the flow rate was too high on many of the cables as
well. They tested a tank for optimum flow through the gravel bed and came up
with about .49liter/meter/sq per day or something. Not much. But that was
just one tank. Amano and Tropica etc don't use them why should I? (I think
Amano does some heatbox design under one of his tanks) You can do the
substrate a number of ways and get good results. I just add Flourite and I'm
done with any substrate malarkey. It is the simplest method of all of them.
Does real well in all set ups.

Tom Barr