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Needle Valves in CO2 Systems


Your numbers have been posted before.  I personally use the ARO NO1 valve
and it works OK in my set up.  However I am the first to admit that this not
the optimum valve.  As you point out, it is designed for much higher flow
rates than we use.  It WILL completely shut off CO2 flow at inlet pressures
as high as 15 PSIG (probably higher but this is the highest I have
experience with).  The adjustments are rather coarse but the valve only
costs $13.

There are several other needle valves that appear to be more suited.  M3 has
one that sounds good for $19.  I intend to try one of these on my next
system.  We have all heard about the Nupro but at $50+ that is definitely
not in my budget.

The ARO folks are not going to give you a definitive answer on the
suitability for one of their valves for an application it was not designed
for.  There is too much liability exposure. I've been happy with the
solenoid and needle valves and mini regulators I've bought from them.  You
might try my source to see if you get better information.

C.H. Reed, Inc  1-800-692-7216

Lyndle Schenck