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Re: I have KIDS

> Catherine wrote:
> > > For right now I have a heavy fish load, which I know is not compatible
> > > with plants, but I have KIDS.  They learned about the 1" per gallon
> > > rule in a book and were not satisfied until we had pretty much maxed
> > > that out.  I could not say "no" because they were so excited and they
> > > were poring over books and learning so much.
> Roger responded:
> > Catherine,
> > 
> > Lot's of us here have kids.  It's fun to go through the phase when they
> > are so interested in the aquarium, are paying attention and learning all
> > the time. <snip, get them their own tank>
Hi, Catherine--

I've got six kids, and you're right that they really get into it (I think
it's really good for them).  Even the four-year-old will park himself 
in front of the tank when he's mad and demands that he get a new 
daddy.  ;-))

I've simply learned that "high load" equals "high work".  If you don't
mind weekly/bi-weekly water changes and an aggressive cleaning
schedule, go for it.  However, there is another way:  A bigger tank.

I know lots of people are space limited, but 10" of fish in a 10g
tank doesn't look like very much.  However, 80" of fish in a 180g
tank is a HUGE amount.  In the middle, 25" of fish in a 40g tank
is really a lot of fish to look at... you're still talking about $50-$75 
or more for 25" of fish at the LFS if you buy the cheap fish (or,
get them on sale for $1 a fish.)

I agree with Roger too.  All my kids have had their own tanks over
time, although most of them were for "Swimmer", "Swimmer II",
"Swimmer III", "Swimmer IV", and "Swimmer V", which are the
names for the goldfish that the kids brought home from the school
fair five years in a row.

charleyb at cytomation_com