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UGH Cables

>I'd be careful with the tape. Most of the insulating tapes I have used
don't hold up well -- especially when wet. Maybe the silicone "stretchy"
tape would be OK. I have thought about heat shrink but decided it was too
much work. My personal solution is to just be a bit careful. The Teflon
stuff holds up pretty well as long as it doesn't get smashed by things. A
lot of the plastic dips (like plastidip) are water permeable over time.
Probably the best coating would be a thick waterproofing paint but there is
no telling what it might leech into the water. -Bill 
I agree with Bill.  I used Teflon-coated wire-wrap wire for my cables.
After 2 1/2 years of use they were retired after a move but are still in
good shape.  Unfortunately, finding 30g Teflon-coated wire wrap was
difficult even in 1995.
I was concerned about the thin gauge and the long length of cable required
for a typical 70 gal.  I solved this by wrapping the 30g wire around a piece
of 10g insulated stranded copper wire (yes it takes a while!).  To hold
everything in place I coated the whole length with silicone sealant.  The
result is a cable that closely approximates the length and diameter of the
commercial cables.  This makes installation much easier. 
 If anyone wants details please contact me off-the list.  This topic gets
beaten to death about once a year.   
BTW .  I installed the AZOO cables on my latest 180 gal tank and I couldn't
be more pleased.  These cables are at lease as insulated as the heaters and
power heads we already use.  And the price is right!
Lyndle Schenck