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Re: Thick coated wire

>I found the right sized wire as well but it did not have the thick
>insulation I wanted. So I simply added insulating tape around this till I
>got a nice firm thickness. This solved the problem and worked the best. I
>think they have a dip coating that will do this as well.

I'd be careful with the tape. Most of the insulating tapes I have used 
don't hold up well -- especially when wet. Maybe the silicone "stretchy" 
tape would be OK. I have thought about heat shrink but decided it was too 
much work. My personal solution is to just be a bit careful. The teflon 
stuff holds up pretty well as long as it doesn't get smashed by things.

A lot of the plastic dips (like plastidip) are water permeable over time. 
Probably the best coating would be a thick waterproofing paint but there is 
no telling what it might leech into the water.