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Re: Thick coated wire

>> recently located and purchased a bulk quantity of Dupla-like low voltage
>> cable. He is working on the details as I write.
> Ummm, well, not exactly George. After spending literally hours trying
> to source "Dupla-like low voltage cable", I came up short. Now I can
> find the right gauge, materials, even color - the problem is the
> *thickness* and *cost*. You can get the thickness (Dupla cable has
> very thick insulation) but it's pricey, or you can go surplus but they
> have nothing like what Dupla sells. So in the end I bought surplus
> spools of 26g & 30g telflon insulated wire (if you're interested in
> this stuff, write me ... I've got *hundreds* of feet of it!)
I found the right sized wire as well but it did not have the thick
insulation I wanted. So I simply added insulating tape around this till I
got a nice firm thickness. This solved the problem and worked the best. I
think they have a dip coating that will do this as well.

Tom Barr