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Re: Heating cables

I know that you're looking for a ready-made set, but have you thought
about D.I.Y.? thekrib.com has a very good, easy-to-understand
descriptionof how to create your own. If you don't feel capable, you
could ask an electrician to do it for you, and it'll probably still be
cheaper than buying a ready made system.
Alternatively, you could ask me to order the right size cable from Dupla
and get an electrician to produce the controller for you.

>Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 08:57:06 -0500
>From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at home_com>
>Subject: heating cable sources
>Not to restart The Great Heating Cable Debate but....
>I am looking for a set to go in a 92 gallon tank.  According to
>website and my calculations, I think 100 Watts would be my best bet
>aren't available and maybe 100's would stay on more anyway..).  It
>the only options are:
>1. M3 has the non-grounded Azoo's which I view as a non-option
>Edward tells me they are expecting a  new line soon that is grounded,
>not sure if they are low-voltage)
>2.  Pet Warehouse has a grounded set (that according to Shawn back in
>is Aquarium
>landscapes brand but is apparently high voltage, not low.
>Since Edward and Shawn both mentioned this at same time on digest, I
>that M3's new line is AL?  As usual though, I am probably wrong he,
>Are they the only ones marketing cables (in the US) anymore?  I want
>low-voltage and grounded and while I have a lovely, brand new set of
>I bought back before they disappeared, they are the wrong size.
>Obviously no one would have experience with these cables if they aren't
>Also, does anyone know if the controllers for the cables utilize
X-10's?  I
>plan to use an Icecap electronic ballast and want to avoid X-10s.
>Thanks, and no I didn't deliberately wait till I saw George and Steve
>teasing each other again, he, he. :)