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Light Bulbs

I don't know if this is allowed. I'm sure I'll hear about it if my post is 

I'm just getting around to building my new light fixture for a 29 gallon 
tank. Well, I hope to--during our snowstorm this weekend. I've dispensed with 
the idea of using 2 x 55 watt pcf bulbs over a 29 gallon tank (this decided 
after witnessing the brightness of 2 x 65 over a 55 gallon tank with a good 

In any case, I now have 2 brand new 55 watt cf bulbs, 5000K, Philips Ecotone 
bulbs, brand new, in box, which I have no intention of using. These have a 
2G11 base. I'm looking for 40 watt bulbs instead. Unfortunately, they're 
widely available in 4100K temps, but I'd like a higher temp.

I also have two 8800K pcf bulbs (note: 65 watt, not 55) bulbs which I really 
disliked over a freshwater tank, but might work in a mix or over saltwater. 
They were used for exactly 1 week, after which I replaced them with two 5000K 
55 watt bulbs. These have the 4 pin in a square arrangement.

If anybody is interested in these, please e-mail me off-list.