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kamaaina bargain

If anyone on the list is living on Oahu, I have a bargain for you.  I am
moving back to the mainland and I don't want to even try shipping my tanks.
$400 gets you the following items: 3 - 55 gallon tanks with 160 fluorescent
hoods.  Two tank cabinets and one 2x4 stand.  One cabinet has an acrylic
sump built in with autofill that you can hook up to your washing machine
cold water supply. Both cabinets hold the ballasts for the associated tank
hoods.  UGFs, self leveling siphons, power heads, air pumps, nets,
medicines, food, a one gallon acrylic tank, a ten gallon acrylic tank and
ten gallon glass tank are also included in the hardware.

Also included: Three breeding size pepper corys, a large female bronze cory,
a male black cory, three panda corys, an adolfoi cory, several habrosus
corys, two pygmy cories, several otocinclus, two twig cats, three
bristlenose, a large female betta, several mollies, several white clouds and
an excellent breeding pair of kribs along with about thirty of their young.
Several large sword plants, a large aponogeton, many large crypts, anubias,
java fern, vals, sagittaria, water wisteria, cobomba, elodea, and three
types of milfoil.

As a bonus, one female jacksons chamelon, wood framed cage with cricket
comparment and ficus tree.

Act quickly, it will all be gone in two weeks.