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Re: Phosphate absorbing pillow

In a message dated 12/29/2000 12:50:49 Pacific Standard Time, Amy writes:

> What are everyone's favorite methods of phosphate removal? I've come
>  across a number of products in pet catalogs, including pads and resins.
>  I'm just wondering what plant people like and what works best.
Amy, what are your phosphates running now?  Unless you are having an algae 
problem, or unless your phosphates are running greater than 1 ppm, you may 
not even need to worry about it.  My phosphates run a little higher than 
that, so I use a Phos-Zorb pillow in my filter.  I have also tried these new 
Green-X phosphate removers by Hagen, but to be frank with you, they barely 
make a dent in my phosphate levels.  I would recommend the Phos-Zorb pillow.  
By the way, I believe that all phosphate-absorbing products work the same 
way, using iron oxide.  There may be other commercial products that use a 
different method, but I am aware only of those containing iron oxide.  It 
then boils down to which product gives you the most iron oxide.