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Catching a Fish in a Planted Tank...


This will probably bring a few chuckles or perhaps some eyes rolled upward
for many of you... but how do I catch a fish in a 75 gallon heavily planted
tank ?

I have a mixture of White Clouds and Rummy Nosed Tetras. Most of the WC's
and all of the Tetras are docile except for one WC who is a complete jerk.
He has staked out about half of the tank and chases everyone else near to
his size and shape into the remaining part. I have tried altering feeding
locations hoping that his behavior would change but he remains a tyrant. He
is stressing the other fish and keeps them from schooling in the open
central area of the tank or from exploring any of "his" territory. 

How can I catch him without tearing up the tank? I tried using my net a
couple of times but the disturbance just caused everyone to beat fins to
heavy growth.

Thanks a lot.


ps I will take him to the LFS ... not give him a burial at sea  :-)


           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com

     If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans...