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Re: cloudy water

If Brooklyn water is anything like the water in Manhattan where I live, it's
insanely soft (<1 Kh  <4 Gh) and is chock full of yummy phosphates. The Brooklyn
Aquarium Society recently put out a water analysis report in their newsletter.
I'll be more than happy to post it for you, but unfortunately it's at work, and
I won't be back there until Tuesday, so that will have to wait =). From what I
recall offhand, the city and it's boroughs get it's water from 4 or 5 sources,
and I can't recall any of them having a Kh over 4 at the most, but I'll
doublecheck. Chlorine is minimal from all sources- undetectable from my tap, so
I don't use any water conditioner at all during water changes, just add a little
baking soda every now and then, and use Seachems Phos-Zorb (sp?) in my filter.
My tap Ph is usually 6.8, every now and then 7.0, my Kh is nothing. When I say
nothing, I mean nothing. I have 3 test kits (thinking I had a bad one) and they
all register ZERO - they turn NO color, no matter how much I add, not the first,
not the last -  NO color =). If anyone has any explanations for this, I'd love
to hear them, lol. Only after I add baking soda do I start to see color results
from my kits. Don't make decisions based on my water though, test your own tap
if you haven't already =).

I do have battles of epic proportions with algae however, which I'm still trying
to overcome (it's improving though), but I think it currently has alot to do
with the fact that I have a 250w pendant over a 65gal tank which is near a
window =|. Sorry, but in my tiny apt, that was the only feasable place to put a
tank of that size. Of course, just days after I bought the MH light, the giant
thread about too much lighting started here on this forum =). I just beat a
giant war with hair algae, but the tank still is not at 100% - some of my plants
are looking rather rough and there's still green fuzz in some areas, prob
because I don't have my nutrients balanced. I must confess, I'm rather confused
about all that, I don't really understand how they all work in relation to each
other yet.


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