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RO vs. tap water

After reading Tom Barr's response to John regarding DI water (is that
de-ionized? similar to RO?)  I have a question as well.  I started out
using RO water and now need to make a large volume water change due to a
mistake I made that introduced unwanted chemicals.  Minneapolis Water
Works data:  Phosphate PO4 0.46 - 0.83 / 0.61 ppm Avg.  Chlorine
Residual Combined  NH2Cl = 3.0 - 4.4 / 3.9 ppm Avg.  However, the
supervisor I talked to said it was close to 1 ppm +/- by the time it
reaches my part of town.  Do these phosphate readings warrant using RO
water?  Is the chlorine level low enough that I could make water changes
from the faucet adding Amquel simultaneously?

Do all municipal water supplies have phosphate or is it confined to
areas with nearby agricultural uses?  Appreciate any advice on this

Jay Reeves