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Re: The Death Tank

Daphne Freeman wrote:

> Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 11:27:43 -0500
> Subject: The Death Tank
> Help!  I am having major tank problems and am at a loss. Sorry this is
> but hope to cover everything.


> I added the drugs out of desperation/last ditch effort.  I always take the
> approach of water changing first whenever anything seems wrong and drug as
> last resort. Another APDer was having issues with his tank and was messing
> with hardness levels also.  We both buy fish at same place, we both were
> altering hardness levels.  His fish were dropping as fast as mine and the
> Maracyn 2 (he also added Marcyn) seemed to fix it.  That was another
> I thought perhaps we had both gotten stuff with a bacteria.
> Is it a weird disease or osmotic issue or everything bottoming out/jumping
> around or combination?  Plants seem to be doing ok.  A crypt balanse
> looking bad and part of a leaf just disintegrated.

Been there, done that, but all I can suggest is stop panicking...  I was
dropping fish like you describe at one point, was convinced for a while that
I had mycobacteria, and never did figure out what was going on.  I expect
that I had a pH crash but didn't realize it.  I crossed my fingers and
stopped messing with the tank, and eventually everything stabilized.  I'm
far from being an expert, but all I'd really do is put that mesh bag of
crushed coral back in.  I now keep a stocking full of it in my canister
filter; my tap water comes out with a pH around 7.5-8 but a KH and GH down
at about 2.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD