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Re: cycling tanks/ cloudy water/ DI water


thanks for all your advice...

i have an EHIEM profesional canister filter with 100lbs of flourite substrate 
in my 95 gallon corner tank. this clouding is very different from the 
flourite clouding though (which is more like a brownish mud) and can be seen 
when i add plants and stir up the gravel. it settles out within 12 hours or 

i am quite concerned that my local aquarium set me up with a DI water 
purifier. It was only $40, so i can't imagine its a profit motive that caused 
him to sell it to me. He believed that our tap water would result in algae 
growth (perhpas our tap water is high in dissolved nitrogen/phosphorus? i 
live in Brooklyn, NYC), yet two different people here on the lists have 
recommended against it - even saying the exact opposite; that DI water would 
actually encorage algae growth!

The tank has been running for ten days now - 7 of them with plants, and the 
last 2 with four honey gouramis i just added. Hope this helps, becasue i can 
barely see the fish or plants through the milky water!!

one last thought - how does DI water hurt plants and fish? something about 
proper gill function? but then i added the back the trace nutrientsand pH 
buffer via the chemicals that came with the DI purifier. 

If i begin using straight up tap water, what about the chlorine, etc thats in 
it? do i add it straight to the tank? if not, how do i get it into the tank? 
by pouring from a bucket (seems VERY disruptive)?

thanks all.....sure glad this list exsists
-john guild