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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #742

I have a newly set up (1 week old) 95 gallon corner tank with a
(well rinsed) substrate and a professional canister filter. The
tank has been 
planted for the last five days with four different species of
plants (sword 
tails only one I can remember off hand). I filled the tank with
tap water 
which ran through a DI water filter. I added the appropriate
and pH adjuster chemicals that came with the water filter and
have achieved a 
pH of 7.1. 

pH adjusters?
Why did you add DI water? Do you need it? What is your KH and
what is your tap water's KH? If it's under 8 -maybe higher- you
don't need DI water. Co2 not DI/RO/pH adjusters.
You need to add more plants it sounds like as well? The more you
can add at the start, the better. 

However, my water is a light milky-white color and has been so
the past five days, with no sign of clearing. (no fish yet, was
waiting for 
it to clear). Any ideas? its terribly disappointing as this is
my first tank.
Just Bacterial Bloom and your tank has not cycled yet. If you
are near a store or a friend will let you have some old flithy
dirty vacummed water from their tank- add this to your
tank(maybe a 5 gallon bucket worth).This is the best seeding
material around and is totally live and free.Add some fish as
these will help get your tank cycled.
Use CO2 to ajust your Ph according to the pH/.KH/CO2 table- not
by chemical adjusters. These will cause you problems. CO2 will
as well if you don't use it right, check the krib etc. Carbon
may help you out as well. Don't use the carbon later though
unless it is old and "spent". The carbon will later become
bacterial media after it removes stuff in the beginning. It will
be "spent" after about a month or so. I'd use it for a temporary
thing till the water clears then remove it. It will remove your
micro nutrients and some of the other nutrients that the plants
and the good bacteria use, so it slows the cycle some.
Read up on a good start in the APD archives and the Krib etc.
You'll find helpful info in there.

Thomas Barr

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