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Re: PMDD and Jobes Plant Spikes


I was the original questioner.  My sword seems to be doing well but if it starts doing too well (i.e. taking over)
:-) what is the best method to go about pruning/splitting it?  Should I cut off stalks near the base and they
re-plant them?  Or can I split the plant in two like I would a hosta?  Thanks.

> Hi Roger. You are way bolder than I am. I usually use only 1 spike at every water change. I cut it into about 5
> pieces and bury the pieces wherever it looks like they're needed, or wherever I haven't put one for a while. My
> theory being that too little is better than too much when it comes to Jobes spikes. I am always concerned about
> about algae outbreaks. The questioner should be advised that large
> sword plants do respond rapidly to these fertilizations, and can become quite large. (like taking up about 1/2 of
> a 55 gallon tank large)
> My Ozealot sends out a bloom spike about every 2 weeks when I fertilize it.


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