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Re:iron fertiliser

I'd like to say thanks to everyone on the list for the wealth of
knowledge, insight, hints and tips I have gained (I have been a lurker
for quite some time now) which has helped me so much (not to mention the
homepages which have also really inspired me).
    Yes.. I have  a question I'm hoping someone might be able to answer
:-) My anubias (nanna/vbarteri) leaves that have developed in this last
week seem a bit yellow. I do use other fertilisers (substrate and water
column) but I was wondering whether anyone would know if Ferro-Gradumet
(for people with iron deficiency) would be safe to use in the
aquarium... perhaps as part of a PMMD recipe? The 30 tablets contain
325mg of dried ferrous sulfate which the label  says is equivalent
to105mg of elemental iron. It also contains lactose.
Thanks again
Damian Barton.