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Re: Marble Sword

>>If it is, here is my first one -- the pet store sold me a thing they called
>>marbled sword, but I can't find that plant anywhere online.  It looks like
>>Amazon sword, and has two baby plants on a runner.  The leaves did look
>>attractively marbled when I bought it, but all new growth has been plain

I've been noticing this feature of the Marble Queen since as long as I've
been growing them.  The plain truth of the matter, is that the plant
produces its STRONGEST verigated apperance when it is grown emmersed (out
of water).  You can fertilize it till the cows-come-home, blast it with
3Watts per gallon light, talk to it till you are blue in the face and if
you are growing it submersed it will reward you by growing strong, healthy
green leaves.  Those green leaves will only have the faintest hint of the
verigation of that the emersed grown plant you bought once sported. 

 There is absolutely no "magic portion" that will make the plant produce
strong verigation submersed..... period.

Swords oft do this.  Each and every one of them have profound differences
in the structure and/or colour of their submersed and emersed gron leaves.
Red sword sp. are the just the esthetic opposite.  Their submersed growth
is "vampire-blood" red while their emersed leaves look just as green and
firm textured as their "wild type".

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