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Re: Aquascaping question

Duane wrote:

> I know that two is probably too much for a 29 gallon but I hate to 
> get rid of one.  Any ideas from some of you aquatic artist gurus out
> there?    


Amazon swords are pretty difficult to use in an aquascape unless you
have a very large tank.  It sounds to me like your plants may be large
now, but can get larger.  I have one that pretty-much fills a standard
20-gallon tank.

You can unload those plants and try to aquascape with plants more
suitable to a 29 gallon tank.  Lots of crypts do great in that size

If you can set up another tank then you might have another alternative. 
You could keep the plants and let them continue to grow.  When they
start spinning off baby plants you can grow them out and sell them or
trade them to your LFS.  I have an emersed E. cordifolius and the one
large amazon sword that I keep for that purpose.  They paid for my last
couple bottles of fertilizer, I still have credit from my last trade, I
have another six or seven baby amazon swords to trade in and the plant
is starting to put on more.  What's more, the hobbyists that eventually
buy those plants gets premium plants already adapted to submersed growth
and with their roots intact.  It's a winning situation all the way

Of course, the alternative is just to sell or trade in the original
plants.  A large, healthy amazon sword adapted to submersed growth could
probably sell here for $15-$20.  If you can keep one until it reaches
"Mother plant" standing you might be able to get $35 or more.

Roger Miller