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Re: I have KIDS

Catherine wrote:

> For right now I have a heavy fish load, which I know is not compatible
> with plants, but I have KIDS.  They learned about the 1" per gallon
> rule in a book and were not satisfied until we had pretty much maxed
> that out.  I could not say "no" because they were so excited and they
> were poring over books and learning so much.


Lot's of us here have kids.  It's fun to go through the phase when they
are so interested in the aquarium, are paying attention and learning all
the time.

There is way to stop a lot of arguments, let you run a planted tank the
way you want and let your kids have all the fish they want.  Get them
their own tank.  I gave my oldest her own 10-gallon tank for her eighth
birthday and we stocked it with a couple comet goldfish.  Other fish
came and went, but one of those original goldfish is still there now,
more than eight years later.  It also teaches responsibility and helps
them learn the value of good habits.

Others have given you great advise on other the matters, so I'll leave
it at that.

Roger Miller