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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #738

<< Subject: Enough already >>

Man, I think I picked a bad time to lurk on this list!!  I am a total novice 
to planted tanks.  I have kept fish before, and killed many plants, but never 
_kept_ them. :o)  Anyway, I decided to set up my tank after ten years in 
storage, and somehow I managed to wander to some planted tank sites.  
Immediately I was hooked and went about learning as much as I could from some 
of these web sites.  I have done that for a couple of months, and I think I 
have a grip on the basics, so I decided to join this list to learn more.  Now 
I am not so sure -- when you guys aren't insulting each other, a lot of what 
is said goes over my head!
I just got my compact florescent light today (wow, it's like stadium 
lighting!!!), and a Fluval is on the way to replace my UGF, so I feel I am on 
my way.  It sure would be nice to have some friendly folks to ask basic 
advice.  Is this the place for that?
If it is, here is my first one -- the pet store sold me a thing they called a 
marbled sword, but I can't find that plant anywhere online.  It looks like an 
Amazon sword, and has two baby plants on a runner.  The leaves did look 
attractively marbled when I bought it, but all new growth has been plain pale 
green.  I have not set up my DIY CO2 system, but plan to do that as soon as I 
get my new filter.  For right now I have a heavy fish load, which I know is 
not compatible with plants, but I have KIDS.  They learned about the 1" per 
gallon rule in a book and were not satisfied until we had pretty much maxed 
that out.  I could not say "no" because they were so excited and they were 
poring over books and learning so much.  They beg to do the water testing ( 
all levels are good right now, and all fish are fine except a cory which died 
yesterday).  Anyway, that's enough introduction.  Is there a plant called a 
marble sword?