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Re: Flourite and Corys

Mandy wrote:
"The flourite in this tank seemed extra sharp---have since set
up another tank with flourite from a different company, and it did not
seem so sharp."

Flourite is a product sold by Seachem Laboratories. All Flourite that I have
seen has been similar - I've never seen batches which are "sharper" than
others, although I guess that it is possible. Are you SURE that you are
talking about Flourite and not just using this word in a "generic" sense (as
some folks use "laterite")? Only ONE company makes the stuff, it doesn't
matter which retailer you got it from, it all comes from Seachem.

I'm sorry about the state of your catfishes' barbels, but are you POSITIVE
that there are no other possible causes for this damage? What other fish are
in the tank? What is the state of the tank itself? (i.e how clean is it?).
Finally, were these newly purchased fish which may have had some sort of
infection when you bought them (it isn't always easy to tell if a fish is
sick during the early stages of an infection - that is why a two week
quarantine period in a bare tank is recommended).

Given the success which so many of us have had with Flourite, I think that
there is a strong possibility that you have missed something.

James Purchase