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Subject: Re: Corys & Flourite
From: "Mandy" <bcmandy at viafamily_com>
      Sorry to be so long with this reply about using corys with
flourite. I recently decided to add 5 of the little cats to my 140 gal.
heavily planted tank with flourite as the gravel. I did this in spite of
advice that the flourite was too sharp, and would damage their barbels.
Sad to say, I wish now that I had heeded that advice, as I have lost 2
of them, and the remaining 3 are in serious trouble, barbels all
infected. The flourite in this tank seemed extra sharp---have since set
up another tank with flourite from a different company, and it did not
seem so sharp. Some on the list seem to have had some success with corys
and flourite, but going on my experience, I would have to advise against
it---hope this is of some help--Mandy