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Re: Aquascaping

I just wanted to point out that there are some (many?) of us out here
who would have loved to include our efforts in the competition, but for
some reason, were unable. In my case I'm still in the process of
a Setting up a tank which I think would be of a high enough standard
b Getting a scanner (it's a bit difficult to enter the comp. without
c Holding down 2/3 jobs!
What with the standard of living in the USA it is often forgotten that
many people around the world (and I'm in relatively prosperous Europe)
don't have the money/time/luck to
a Have a computer
b Have a camera/technique capable of doing justice to the subject
c Have a scanner/digital camera
d Have an aquarium that is in nice enough condition to enter!
e Have a wife/husband/partner who doesn't object to every
cent/dollar/peso/Franc/lire/pound/w.h.y. spent on the hobby.
It has been pointed out by many list members how difficult it is to
capture a tank in all/most of it's glory. So, my point in all this is
that I'd love to compete in future events, but to discount my opinions
on the competition just because I didn't compete this year seams a bit
churlish, and in spite of all this I try to keep smiling through it all
(hence the sig.)
Enough already