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Re: CO2 dumping simulation

At 03:48 PM 12/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here to see Dave's nonsense. If it were
>simply a matter of a person working out a technique in public, and being
>honest about its failure, I would commiserate and encourage another try. But
>to use this list as a forum to lend credibility to (and sell) an obviously
>defective design is inexcusable. I think Dave owes a retraction and some
>apologies.   Tom Wood

Tom, I held my tongue at your emotional vent a week or so ago.  I will no 
longer do so.

I work for the three hundred folks running the system I sold and they 
bought in good faith.   It is no different now than what I described when I 
sold it to them and when they bought it, but I understand the reasons for 
its behavior better now.

And it is my intent to offer a no-charge kit to my past and future system 
customers to permit enhancement of the stability of the system.   As soon 
as I succeed in developing one with the help of those willing to 
help.   Each of my posts either solicits help or documents what I have 
learned in the processing of researching a kit.  If you and George want to 
bitch at these posts, I suggest that you neither to help nor to 
learn.   Too bad for 300 devoted hobbyists.  That is not the treatment they 
will get from me.

The design is not defective now and never was.  Your understanding of it or 
the English language may be tho.

It must be used in accord with the instructions, which do not permit total 
drainage of the supply pressure tank.  When it is it works fine (unless it 
breaks).  All systems malfunction when they break, if they are not 
malfunctioning they are not broken.

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